What should the next "Edition" title be called?

4 (16.7%)
2 (8.3%)
1 (4.2%)
2 (8.3%)
1 (4.2%)
0 (0%)
8 (33.3%)
6 (25%)

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Author Topic: Press the Button...? [Brazilian Edition]  (Read 60252 times)

yes and then I'll loving hang myself

be able to become president but you'll have tiny ass hands


Have the ability to kill anyone you want with no legal punishment, but the people you kill will haunt you until you die.

ye, i'll be able to shoot someone without going to jail and i'll also have proof of an afterlife.

you get the power to teleport anywhere in the world with a snap of your finger, but each time you teleport you age 1 year.

Have the ability to wish something bad on somebody you hate, but then that same thing will happen to you.

no lol

you can go to space, but you can't go to any planets or moons in the solar system

Yes I can just build a space station

If you press the button, you will become literally the most biggest, strongest, most burliest man on the internet, but you can only live until you turn 30.

i live forever but i have no legs (but at least i get to ride loving power wheels for the rest of my life)

you destroy the entire universe except you, and a new universe is created where you get the create stuff, except that nobody will obey you

yes and I'll gas the disobedient ones to teach the others to obey me

you can warp to any location at any time but you shrink every time you teleport

it depends on how much i'll shrink, i'll just go with no.

be able to create any game you want effortlessly, even reality-bending ones, but it's guaranteed to have a few major unfixable glitches.

yes, i'll be the next bethesda studios.

you can ban one user of your choice from the forums permanently, but you're also banned for 1 year when it is done.

No. Maybe if it was "forum gets moderators" and not "ban one user."
You no longer have to sleep and have as much energy as you want (meaning you can feel tired if you want that for whatever reason) but whenever you'd normally be sleeping, you have to work on something that will produce an end result others benefit from.

EDIT: That's a hobby. Nobody is paying you.


The kid who threw the cat is now in a strange testing facility. You are one the people watching him. If you press the button, a pack of hungry lions swarm out and pounce on him, mauling him. However, you are mind raped into blindly hating dogs, and want to kick every dog you see from now on.

No. He needs therapy, not lions.
you didn't see the ninja
You become androgynous. Nobody can tell whether you're male or female unless you're naked.

No. He needs therapy, not lions.

You become androgynous. Nobody can tell whether you're male or female unless you're naked.
You get a firearm that does not require a reload, but it uses your blood for ammunition.