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1 (4.2%)
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8 (33.3%)
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Author Topic: Press the Button...? [Brazilian Edition]  (Read 43196 times)

press the button and everybody will shut up about breaking the button but yellowstone will erupt
tempting, but no

press the button to bring tables back, and make the abusers that use it outside the spam thread ban on sight, but everyone who has ever touched blockland will hate you with a burning passion.

Oh forget no nibba

Press the button and you get to have free chocolate chip cookies kit kat bars, however, everything you eat from now on will taste like chocolate chip cookies kit kat bars.

no as I don't want to taste it all the time

Press the button and you'll destroy 9gag, but you will become 9gag

no as I don't want to taste it all the time

Press the button and you'll destroy 9gag, but you will become 9gag
your already destroyed

would you?
smash the subscribe button
or the like button
doing sub will give cool
doing like will give no cool

smash that mf like button

you come across another set of two buttons

one gives you invincibility, but you still experience pain and die of old age

the other gives you mind-reading powers, but every time you voluntarily use the power you blurt out random thoughts of yours


Press that other button with the mind reading powers stuff.

Press the button and you get to meet the love of your life, but you're not physically attracted to him/her.

press that button because i'm pretty sure i'm not a magnet and my love of my life wouldn't be either

you encounter yet another set of double buttons

press the first button and you become pewdipie and live a full life
press the second and you become a sentient wheel of cheese located in the middle of the pacific ocean on a boat with a laptop and internet access forever and live a good 50,000 years but everyone you love will be outlived by you and you have constant pain
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obviously the second one.

Holy stuff! FOUR BUTTONS!

First Button: Press to be a dinosaur and eat anybody, however, you can't change back and nobody will remember who you are.
Second Button: Press to get a Teen Titans Season 6 regardless of whether or not Teen Titans Go! To The Movies flops or is a success, however, it will only feature 5 episodes, no Slade, lots of toilet humor, and a very stuffty finale episode.
Third Button: Press and the Aquafresh Message Maker comes back, however, everytime you make a message, an unkillable bully will spontaneously appear, punch you in your balls, and then will spontaneously disappear.
Fourth Button: Press and you can turn stuff into Gold, however, everytime you touch someone, they turn into stuff.

Also, the name change is going to happen on Page 29. The winner is: Brazilian Edition.

stuff they broken

oh stuff, terrorists are gonna plant a bomb here now

5 messages remaining until it blows the place up

press the button for 4 more messages?

press the button for 4 more messages?

If you'd like to make a call, press the button to leave a voicemail, if not, the phone will explode and will kill the active user.

Look man, we don't got much time, hit the damn button.

I press the button, but the explosion was just a bunch of poo.