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Author Topic: Press the Button...? [Brazilian Edition]  (Read 60313 times)

Yea Bruhn

press da button and you become really close friends with the ppl u know but you grow an extra finger on your forehead

Dont press. Can't deal with 18th finger.

press button and you can shoot semen out of your hands with ease. But you can't impregnate and have babies

N U T M A S T E R   Y E E E E E T

Press to get a dollar every second but your enemy gets 2 dollars every second

press i have no enemies

press to have 2x bigger richard but you will always be a virgin

or 2x more cum but you'll have 2x smaller richard but bang lots of bitches.

no i girl

press button to play my epic roblox server 2019 but you will pay -1 robux

no ur roblox server sounds like stuff

press the button and u get a sandwitch, but u arent really hungry

i’ll give that sandwich to a child in africa

press and you gain telekinesis but the things you move have a chance of violently flying towards you

You move pillows and sheets so it won't hurt you, then gather enough to open a store and sell for a profit.

Press and you can earn a plane ticket to any place in the world of your choosing, but with a risk of having to live there without being able to come back.

Yes I could just go to a nice big city.

Press the button for some pumped up kicks, however, tiny Massive Mutant Lice eggs have been planted inside them, and they will hatch as soon as they get to your house and invade everything and make you bald.

(The Massive Mutant Lice look like this)

no because that one kid is gonna make me run faster than his gun and bullets

You can tell if food is poisoned or not, but only when you eat it

don't press.

press button you be smart. downside is diabetes

I pressed it but it broke.

Sorry guys, but the Forum Game is now over. Thanks for playing. :(
oh wait I can just get another one.

*1 purchase later*

Press the button and you can control people's weight and where they gain it and how healthy they are. However, you would always have to be at least 70 pounds overweight.

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press button to delete forum game but the whole forum implodes

know how to play every instrument but become extremely attracted to the instruments (yes, you read that right)


press button and you have to chew gum 24/7 or die or dont press and you have to juggle tennis balls 24/7 but you dont die if you stop you just gotta pick them up