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Author Topic: Press the Button...? [Brazilian Edition]  (Read 21479 times)

Yeah, p sure I can explain that I am not interested.

Press the button, and you will be very skilled at math tests. However, you won't be great with your skill outside of tests.


press the button and you save the environment and get all the credit, but you die two weeks later

Hell yeah!

Press the button and get tax-free, but you have to donate to useless causes or else you will be socially ostracized.


Press the button and you become the king of pirates, however, you'll immediately drown if you go into the ocean.

i'll never touch the ocean anyway but i also wouldn't want to become the king of pirates

press the button and you save destroy the environment and get all the credit, but you die two weeks later live forever

press the button and you pressed it, good job! A+ Button presser!

no; the button is obviously a trap.

press the button and it'll begin mailing you a penny in the mail everyday, with another penny being added to the total each time the letter/package/box/shipment is sent to your house.

no, i have enough of em thank you

press the button for blockland to be updated, but add-ons require BlockCoin(tm)


press the button and you instantly die but your closest friend will get a kinder surprise egg

No Kinder Surprise Eggs are banned anyway

Press the button and all Toys "R" Us stores are saved and no longer face any risk of shutting down, however, all of the toys in the store are GIRLS TOYS (EWWWWW)

press the button and blockland will be a better place, however there will be more 6 year olds.

yes because you never said they were gonna be on the forums
press the button and you will stop a mass extinction but you will sacrifice your relatives, belongings, and everything you own, as well as not being able to regain anything.

oh forget no nibba that's awful

press the button and you will be able to manipulate the thoughts of your crush, however, everytime you do this, you lose a little bit more of love for him/her.

do i look like a manipulative cunt
if you ever think about doing that stuff then you never loved them in the first place

press the button and you'll have a new job right across the street from where you live (if it's a house, it somehow vanishes from reality and becomes a business), but after exactly 2 hours into your shift, everyone drops everything (including any customers) and starts singing a song chosen at random.

^ none of those sounded like bad things
press all the way

press and you get any electronic device of your choosing, but a tattoo of a random meme appears at a random place on your body at the size of a pringles can lid