Author Topic: what game did you put the most time into?  (Read 5275 times)

Either the LittleBIGPlanet series, or Blockland. I don't have any numbers since I don't play BL on Steam and LBP is a PS3 game that doesn't record playtime.

blockland, followed by civ v, then rocket league

steam says my most played game is tf2 but most of that time is probably me leaving it on
either blockland or minecraft before i had steam probably blockland

I'm 3 hours away from 1,000 on Arma 2 OA, but Blockland has like 1.75k


1: Blockland (1,741 hours)

2: Arma 2 OA (998 hours)

3: Kerbal Space Program (393 hours)

4: Garry's Mod (231 hours)

5: Rust (132 hours)

6: From The Depths (123 hours)

7: Skyrim (119 hours)

8: Arma 3 (69 <3)

9: War Thunder (64 hours)

10: Cities: Skylines (48 hours)
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Blockland > Minecraft > Halo 1 are my top 3 most-played, I hope after death i am reincarnated as Master Chief

for as much time as I've spent in game maker studio, very little has actually come from it

EDIT: I put a lot of hours into Minecraft too.  I also put a ridiculous amount of time into RuneScape when I was a kid.
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GMOD or Arma 3. It's unclear, since a lot of the gmod time is on an older account I shared with my siblings that we often left the game running all night by accident

Final Fantasy XIV - 3973 Hours on only 1 character. I have small bits of time across other characters bringing the time to over 4000 hours

All my 100+ hour games

Not counting Blockland, The Crew was the game I invested more time into recently.

i just passed the 6k mark for blockland on steam
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probably roblox or blockland

so me and my brother estimated how long ive been playing blockland, i forgot the calculation we did but it came out to like 15000 hours lol

i know thats not completley accurate but i know i played blockland non stop for like 5 years,one time when i was like 8 i litterly pissed my pants because i was too busy playing blockland

im not even going to try to estimate how much time ive spent on roblox

Tons of blockland. Hardly any on steam but probably an extra 2000 hours pre-steam.

After that it's Mount & Blade: Warband probably