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Atlas-class Federation Outpost - Alpha Pictures #1

Lots of behind-the-scenes work on Block Trek has been occurring, with tons of eventing being done on the Lionheart. The turbolift and power systems are complete for the most part, but need more work to be completed. However, they are functional.

Since things are getting closer to the time for the RP, I am starting preliminary work on some of the builds that will be used as visitable locations on Block Trek. One such location is the Federation outposts, located on the edge of the RP's future star-map. All i've made so far for Block Trek has been ships, so it feels good to finally be working on a space station for once. I whipped up a freehand design tonight, and I must say I am sufficiently pleased with the resulting frame so far. It's not much at the moment, but I thought it would help in showing that I am in fact working on things. Check it out:

The Atlas-class outpost station is actually somewhat small next to the Kane class Heavy Cruiser, and its saucer is only 280 studs in diameter (the Kane's is 256).

Also if you're wondering why its design looks somewhat boxy from the side, that's because TOS era space constructions, both stations and ships, utilize simple geometrical designs, with minimal greebling. It's a very smooth, crisp look. I'm assuming the in-universe explanation is that the TOS era saw huge advancements in structural integrity field generation technology, as well as huge advancements in metallurgy for starship construction and mass-production of ship hull parts. This would sufficiently explain why Starfleet explodes in size so much between TOS and TNG.

A low-angle view. The station has 20 levels; about half will be visitable in the RP. The rest will just be empty space (I don't want to waste my time building a complete station interior).

As always, thank you for following the development of yandere simulator block trek. a
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After a brief hiatus, progress is continuing on the Lionheart. I'll post some more pics when they are ready.

Can't wait to see that outpost finished

Working on a mini-project on Mr. LoL's christmas build! I'm sure you can all guess what it is!

Progress on the miniature Enterprise is coming along well. Screenshots of latest progress:

Some people have asked me if this will be ready for display proper before christmas, and the answer is yes, it should be ready a few days before Christmas.

So far all parts of the ship are coming together well. The shuttlebay door on the back is a little smaller than it ought to be, but not much I can do about that due to the restrictions building this model at 1/6 scale is placing on me (the brick grid sometimes is too cumbersome for building at this scale).

Are you thinking of making the V'ger ship?

Are you thinking of making the V'ger ship?
A miniature is possible for sure, but not a scale model. V'Ger was so massive that if one tried to build it to scale it'd prob stretch into the farlands.
I don't have any plans to build V'Ger though, since TMP stuff is moreso NASAboy3000's territory.
However, I was considering building Epsilon IX.
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I know this isn't much but I figured that since I haven't posted in a while I might as well post something to show progress is still continuing, though at a slow pace as I spend most of my time now on work and college.

Made a little motion picture era corridor design today, with some more curved support bars as opposed to the traditional angular ones. I'll probably use it on a later project or something.

Progress is continuing on the Lionheart. I'm currently in the process of building Sickbay and other areas on Deck 11. I'm also close to finishing the toy enterprise model as well.