Author Topic: Make a story using only skeletons  (Read 1627 times)

"You're probably wondering how I ended up in this situation."

"It was the crack of dawn. Winter. It's been cold so I wore my human suit to sleep that night, and I also lit my house on fire hoping it'd keep me warm. I took a shower and thought to myself, today's gonna be a good day!"

"It wasn't."

"Hard day at work - my boss wouldn't stop yellin' at me, my co-workers were coming at me from all angles, I had piles upon piles of paperwork to go through, and there was no more coffee in the break room."

"So I went to the bar afterwards to drown out my sorrows. I might've had too much to drink, but that isn't the point. Anyway, I was sittin' there just minding my own business when suddenly..."

"I shot the fire, but it bounced right back off and hit my skull.
I was knocked out, and i woke up in a familar place.
The brown-bricked land of miney-crafta."

"It looked more red in person, really.
First thing i did was jump into the water after all that fire-related trauma"

"Then, i heard explosions. There was TNT exploding, so i skeddadled at high speeds."

holy stuff is that the real Sans From Undertale ?