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His previous accounts
Cone (deleted)

Previous dramas

Part 1: He's loving eon for christ sake
Now I'm sure you all know who Kelau is. He's come out of nowhere and leeched his way onto this forum like a growing cancer. But what many newer users don't know is he was the user known as Eon, a former member of the Nigerian Cunts who we made the mistake of allowing to return in the clan. Honestly, I don't know why we ever let him in NC in the first place. What you'll see below is a long history of utter stupidity, weaponized autism, and most importantly gay research.

Below are PMs he sent specifically to Ravencroft. (not posting for a banned user here, I've been banned for this same reason before under more marginal circumstances)
The screenshot above is in the same general timeframe that Eon got banned if I remember correctly

Now in case you're fairly new here or have repressed the memory of Eon and his immense stupidity, I'll give you some context. Eon started as an unfunny handicap who tried to become liked by the forums and NC, and failed miserably. He was basically a modern-day Unova or MicroEdge. Unlike those two, when a group of posters posted train images in the furry megathread, Eon went off the rails and went loving nuclear. Obviously, I can't post an image here but just imagine the most forgeted up imagery you can think of. That's basically what he posted using his eon and cone2 accounts

Now I'm sure he'll tell you the same stuff he told everyone in Anodyne (Drendrans server) about how it's 'fake' and how you can 'easily fake it', but can you easily fake this Celau?

Part 2: Manipulative

Now you may be thinking "Grimlock, that stuff was nearly a year ago, people change, Celaus a changed man". But think to yourself this, if Celaus changed and now magically a 'good person' by this forums obscure morale compass, then why the forget would he almost immediately try to join NC? Hell even if you think he's not Eon and that NC actually has the patience to photoshop every convo he's had and make a video about it, why would he have rolls to get into Nigerian Boardroom and Nigerian Central, our two private channels. Most importantly, he is certainly a different person when he's not trying to suck up and impress you

Keep in mind after Hulk went offline celau deleted all the spam he posted, which sadly is why I don't have a screenshot of it.
Celau has proven that he still hasn't loving changed from his Eon days and him denying the reality of the fact that he is Eon so he won't lose his new group of buddies proves it. I got loving sick of him a short time before he Self Deleted, and I've honestly never wanted him around in NC on his Celau account once I found out who he was. I got a pretty good hunch early on that Celau was an alt of someone after he made his first drama, and when I confronted him about it he said he was GI of MA. I had my doubts about this too,and when I talked to Ravencroft about it he showed me the screenshots that I've posted above. I've got a pretty strong feeling that NC voting to kick him out last night is what spurred the Limerick drama from earlier this evening, and personally, I'm tired of his bullstuff. I wouldn't be surprised if he forum Self Deleted very soon so be ready.

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someone on blf uses dark theme discord :OOOOOOO

ive always wondered why he joined so suddenly and integrated so smoothly so quickly without any problems or hickups along the way (see supersuit/insert name here)
why the forget did you compare me to microedge though that dudes gone and got a brother revoked

it's hilarious how raven tries to drive people off of a forum he's not even allowed on

Nigerian missionary is not that shade of green plus raven never says "cuck".

Nigerian missionary is not that shade of green plus raven never says "cuck".

woah what the forget lmao

- poorly cropped photos
- lack of proper evidence
- photoshopped and blurry screenshots

try harder nc

- poorly cropped photos
- lack of proper evidence
- photoshopped and blurry screenshots

try harder nc
Try harder copying colors next time.

celau admitted he knew how to shoop in anodyne