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honestly awesome colorset - faded is the best colorset
except the grayscale sucks but i don't care ive been using it for like forever now

ZAPT was awesome when I was 10 years old but now that I'm older it's kinda bland now

Edit: I miss MarbleMan's stuff. Even though some of his addons had backdoors a lot of his stuff was genuinely cool.
I miss MarbleMan's shenanigans so loving much.

maps really did not fit in with the blockland aesthetic and their removal has encouraged more blocky and expansive things being built.

i like vanilla styled addons
We have too many loving cars, we need more boats, airplanes, bikes, and other stuff. We have loving plenty cars, stop loving asking for more for forgets sake.
most vehicle addons are incredibly detailed and has to be related to a real car of some sort and to be honest its kind of dumb
Maps actually inspired me to build Lego-like cities taking advantage of the terrain.
before you say that's not unpopular look at the rest of the thread
Random colored bricks look nice, goes along great with the Lego-like cities.

The Kitchen map is underrated.

The default shaders look nice.

Blockland should have a steam workshop.
haven't seen many people say this so i'm assuming it's unpopular
Renderman hunting is fun.
i can't wait to be crucified for this

maps weren't that good
same if you even as drive a jeep in any map with hills or small bumps your jeep wil just jump around like your driving on a bunch of rocks
oh yeah and the texture stuff screws up sometimes

We have millions and millions of weapon packs, most of them having the same guns, and that's good because it gives the community the freedom to choose what they like best depending on their preferences over how they function, and how they look, some players prefers hands on guns, some prefer raycast over projectiles, others prefer simpler guns other than advanced with aiming and animations, same thing goes with vehicles, there are a lot of players who likes to have a collection of cars, and some uses specific ones depending on what they're going for, variety is never a bad thing, Garry's Mod is a great example of that, the community never complains about it because there are plenty of mods that gives more variety for all different sides of the playerbase.

But yes, you might expect more non-car vehicles in the next year, that's all I can say for now.
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i understand the "i dont want to release my addons because theyre unfinished" mindset
I don't

bedroom is okay at best

I know. You're telling me the obvious
I don't get the "Do it perfectly or get banned" part, then.

I don't
Want all my unfinished add-ons?

I don't
its dumb but i can get why some people do it, fear of backlash or some stuff

tezunis servers are epic

zapt is eh

raycast weapons suck

maps are terrible

grapple knife is awful
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nostalgiacigarettes are annoying