Author Topic: what did you get for x mas  (Read 2712 times)

i got a n64 and i realized there and then that the controllers are super loving clunky

lava lamp from my nice aunt but the aunt i live with got jealous and refuses to give me my present and is berating me for it

Notebook Stream, "Santa" accidently gave me woman's shoes, $20 which I used on software humblebundle, Chic-Fil-A gift card, and lifetime pass to an aquarium.

i dont think anyone in that thread actually read that OP, me included

-doggo pj pants
-two pairs of regular pjs
-usb/midi cable
-100$ in amazon cards
-alarm clock i can shoot
-one of these
-bluetooth music speaker
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-a switch
-50 buck steam card

I got some seats for my car, but the custom mounts are still being made so i just kinda haphazardly mounted them with some wood lol

I also got a new pair of work/driving gloves and some dill pickled flavored peanuts

A phonograph/cd/cassette/radio and a Sinatra record, a copy of Roadside Picnic, Bluetooth in-ears, a very nice peacoat. Currently at the last Christmas now.

I read that as a researchograph at first