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Author Topic: Blockombat Re-Release v1.0  (Read 4889 times)

UPDATED! Blockombat - A Try At Classic RE-RELEASE v1.0

- - -

At this point I'm going to call it just "Blockombat" (BKT)

Finally^, here is an overhaul/update to the original BKT:ATAC weapon packs, which was a branch-off of the original Blockombat meant to compliment T+T and Frog's Weaponry. All of these weapons are re-balanced or in some cases changed in performance entirely, with some weapons being renamed and 2 all-new* weapons added, all compressed into one .zip instead of a series of them. The focus of these guns is fast-paced, mid-range fighting-- that said, they may kill quicker or be "OP" compared to Frog's or T+T's guns, as I haven't tested them side-by-side with these packs**. The balancing overall should be seen as a work-in-progress, as I haven't used these updated guns in large-scale DMs; feel free to send me a PM with any bugs, criticism on weapon balancing/handling, etc. My testing wasn't mega-thorough

Original RTB file pages for pics/reference

BKT - Combat
BKT - Enforce
BKT - Rebel

Changes over original packs

- Removed aiming-down-sights; re-balanced/changed performance for every gun to accommodate this change, including caliber changes and new names for a few guns
- Stole ammo models from H&K 2.0 alpha but it's kinda ok because I was a part of that dev team anyways lol
- New gun [Auto Sniper]: Semi-auto .338, 3-round mag, 2-hit-kill bodyshot, 1hk headshot. Model is based off a WA2000
- New gun [Easy Pete]: .44 mag revolver, 3hk body, 2hk head, same hit effect as snipers, cool reload, yes the name is a fo:nv reference i just didn't want another generic-named revolver
- Snipers and shotguns now have a muzzle blast that does 30 damage and sends people flying back
- Snipers and LMGs are now painfully inaccurate while moving but very accurate otherwise
- Snipers have a big hit effect like the .270 snipers in T+T and it pushes people back
- Shotguns have more spread but also more pellets per shot
- LMG capacities are now higher
- The [Makeshift Pistol] is now the [Pistol Carbine] and works as an odd-duck sniper sidearm that fires low-powered (5.7x28) but high-speed projectiles w/ a 30-round mag
- Pistol fire/reload animations aren't sucky anymore and they hold more rounds
- The [Combat Bullpup] is now a 3-round burst
- The [Modern Battle Rifle] is now a 2-round burst and holds 20 rounds
- The [PDR] is now the [PDW Rifle]. It still behaves like an SMG and fires 5.56 with a 20-round mag
- The [Combat Sniper] is still the best on-the-move sniper, to an extent. I wanted to keep some moving accuracy for trickshots lol

Other unmentioned features

- Limited ammo and reloading. RTB prefs for starting-ammo by caliber
- Snipers have very fast bullets; no raycasts or tracers (might add tracers)
- Moving negatively affects accuracy on all guns except pistols, SMGs, and shotguns
- There's a "heat" function that lowers the accuracy the more you shoot, which encourages firing in bursts to let the guns cool down. Don't worry, reaching full cool down is super quick
- Headshot functionality: Pistols have a 2x multiplier, most others have a 1.5x multiplier. This can be toggled with RTB prefs for every gun except DMRs, Easy Pete, and snipers
- Muzzle flash lighting effects. This can be toggled with RTB prefs
- Ammo HUD. This can be toggled with RTB prefs
- Vehicle damage is lower than player damage for most guns and varies by caliber; pistols/shotguns/SMGs don't do much, rifles do a decent amount, snipers do almost full damage
- Recoil. Slight camera shake while firing guns; SMGs, shotguns, and snipers are viable forms of transportation if you're willing to use the ammo for it (the [Machine Pistol] especially)
- Shot hearing range. Snipers can be heard from far away, the [Covert DMR] can only be heard from nearby, all other guns can be heard from 2x the default gun's range

Frequently(?) Asked Questions

Do you have any pictures?
I don't have any for the 2 new guns rn, but check see the Original RTB file pages for pics/reference section above

Does this require any non-default add-ons?
No - it is meant to be a standalone pack - but it does share a few datablocks with T+T

Will you be adding more weapons?
See the below question's answer. Don't expect anything

Can you convert the complete original H&K pack to work like BKT, T+T, FW?
I've been thinking about it. I may just end up converting certain weapons if I get reasonable suggestions

What was the original Blockombat? Why wasn't that ever finished? Will you ever finish it?
A pack of guns, explosives, melee weapons, and equipment with a focus on realism. The ultimate goal was to have ADS, jamming, select fire, realistic reload types, weapon bashing, functional attachments, etc. No backups (I was the only one with the 3.0 files) + HDD failures; lack of free time and motivation. No

Can I use the scripts as templates for my own re-skins/weapon pack?

Are traps gay?

I don't like this pack? I don't like you


Zloff - Icons, scripting, packaging
Navaro - Sounds
H&K team - Models, sounds
T+T team - Magnum & shotgun effects

Enjoy & happy new years!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

* they were originally broken easter eggs
** if someone could give me a link to all of frog's weapons that'd be cool. i want to at least have the prefs/ammo be compatible with that and T+T
^ i said i'd update these packs 4 months ago. it actually didn't take much time at all for me to throw all this together, but at the time i was going through issues with some friends and a lot of big life changes, so ya

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Remember you talking about this, glad to see you went through with it.

g o o d

I might use these on my server, especially due to the headshot settings.

he said he removed the scope code so 99% sure no

he said he removed the scope code so 99% sure no
god bless america

** if someone could give me a link to all of frog's weapons that'd be cool. i want to at least have the prefs/ammo be compatible with that and T+T
i gotchu :)

he said he removed the scope code so 99% sure no
Lovely thanks Zloff

Remember when i sent you a PM asking about this and you finally did it <3