Author Topic: IceFreeze (BL_ID: 42431) - Brick Spam and Attempted Server Crashing  (Read 2185 times)

Ice seems pretty annoying nowadays

I find it absolutely ridiculous how people always use "the community" as the ultimate trump card when discussing BL. Our community is not homogeneous, it's got its good eggs and bad eggs like any other video game. The irony is IceFreeze is exactly the kind of person he is complaining about when he blames "the community." He is here actively destroying a server for no reason. Also, boredom is not a good excuse for this behavior, when I'm bored on Blockland I build something. the users who crash and spam servers for fun aren't bored, they're malicious jerks who are probably too uncreative to build anything good.

I have played with icefreeze before and I was thinking this was probably a really bad day for him, but after reading these weak arguments in defense of himself, this dude is getting a perma from my server. these kinds of people have no business playing the game.

what a dumbass lol

he just admitted to infiltrating our group

didn't even need to post screenshots lol

i literally remeber a person named icefreeze being on the forums
also /support
icefreeze more like ICE friend

I just got home, and i logged onto the computer to check the forums, and all of a sudden, i start getting messages from icefreeze. Apparently he is pissed about what i posted. I was also able to help Fire Vine/Miura get him banned from SPG.
But also, he sent me this picture.

I was never involved in the mass-kick. He just came to me on steam, and bragged about the mass kick to me.
Anyways here is the new chatlog


I have no regrets after banning him, him becoming an starfish and calling people out for no reason (trolling/just stirring up the fuel) isn't cool.

doesnt icefreeze always bitch on glass too

just stirring up the fuel
i dont think you can do that without having a literal brain killing fume in that place but ok

OT:i have a feeling that hes trying to be negative version of fire vine