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didnt the same guy who did the kirby models also make pokemon models

pokemon is loving trash, im not making addons based off of it and thats final
WHAT THE forget!!!!!!!! DONT stuff TALK POKEMON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

make pokemn models i mean you ba asically already did one hhere lol

damn, this is a really odd item idea... but i admire your dedication

i like it!

hey zach can you make the pop team epic characters

I didn't like pokemon but I didn't go up to the people that talk about it and go, "pokemon is trash!!!! worst anime doraemon is better!!!"

zach can you model the amcar-4 from payday the heits and payday 2

the real question is
what does he think of initial d and wangan midnight

doremons fat from eating too many burgers