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This is probably the most cringy clan you'll be in.
But you MUST have the following.
Like 3x3s.
Know how to spell the brand that created it.
And if you mess up. YOU WILL NOT GET IN!
Heres some ranks.
Speed Cubers:
No-one. If you have official records from WCA yeah, WCA. And have it under 10 seconds. And using one of these.
CFOP method, ZZ method, Roux method.
Yeah, the big boys.
You must know how to solve it. And doing it atleast under 1 minute 15 seconds.
You probably know you can no join if you know solve cubes if over 1: 15 seconds. U solve it, b00m you did it. You go here though. Tough luck kiddos.
My friends.
Cuber Clan
Iz probs cringy.

nice clan! have cookies :cookie: :cookie: :cookie: :cookie:[/sarcasm]

im create rubics clan

can i join? i solve cubes in 1:16

Square Society welcomes Cube Clan to the brotherhood of bricks