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i support how you feel on both issues. particularly with the latter, i feel that we do have this negative "drama culture" that's tearing us apart. i've had to deal with quite some petty drama over the years on these forums, and it isn't fun at all.

It's because all us old cigarettes have too much history together and a lot of people are just drama whores. Think of the blocklamd community like a small town and its the same deal.
old cigarettes lol. i bet you don't even remember me. stop acting like we are one big family.

tbh we really need the politics thread to vanish. it's one of the main things on the forum that retards flock to.

tbh we really need the politics thread to vanish. it's one of the main things on the forum that retards flock to.
i dont think thatll stop it
our only hope is for the political climate itself to change

lets get the #haveadip movement trending


@chrisdips1 save us from these horrible times

I can confirm on both issues.

I, myself, am a bit guilty of propagating this drama culture. I ended up being a start to how terrible it is today. Lets just say i kind of... Regret my early years.

This has indeed prevented new users from joining this community. I have confirmed reports of it.

A good way to help this might actually be locking the drama board and paying more attention to banning obvious trolls and troll clans.

Honestly the only real issue lately are the dickweeds cropping up to prey on low hanging fruit. Without that problem this place would be pretty chill not gonna lie

Any offense will be met with much stronger punishment.
Admins and Moderators are tracked so they stay loyal and dont break the rules themselves.
Any counts of trolling are met with charges of prison. The most of an asshole you are,the bigger the sentence. Death Penality for those that basically injure someone because of trolling.
Track how good and loyal you are to know if you are "Worthy" or not.
Prevent people with low IQs and low loyality from buying alts and revoke rule breakers.
At this point,most useful moderation is actually just vigilantes.

you heard the man,, ainít no law around here anymore, itís kill or be killed buddy. cross my path and youíll get a whoopin..this town ainít big enough for the both of us. think you got what it takes pardner?

i really don't like how some people can say whatever the hell they want, no matter how outrageous or offensive, and get away with it and gain support on the grounds that they were "memeing" or they're being post-pseudo ironic or something and their friends with way too much time on their hands will come to their side every time
i completely agree with this and i've now formed a group of people in my head which i'd like to avoid at all costs due to the fact that they're constantly being cunts just 'as a meme'
imagine taking a bootleg lego forum this seriously
you're the issue here

le epic old cigarettes

i here by permanently ban the words "le" and "epic"

I wouldn't doubt it if Satan was watching me on FA :Y