Author Topic: x - another friend research spammer  (Read 8068 times)

lol he's trying so hard to be the front post on every board now
can't believe he's still wasting his time

rotondo's online again bless

That HAS to be from before the 14th. Please everyone be a good citizen.

can we confirm she's underage or what

If this is actually that girl's vagina then this moron's only playing himself. Have fun when the FBI knock on your door.
yeah lol exactly I can't wait for him to get caught if that's the case

rotondo appreciation thread when

ive seen better forum Self Deletes than this.
see: that one seal guy who didn't go out with a bang but with a paragraph explaining how he hated the forums
see: ThatsSoBetelgeuse

Thank you rotondo for this delicious summer ham

although he still has the stuffty dox information on his profile