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Alright so I wasn't sure if I should post this in help or in the offtopic section since it's not really related to blockland but here it is:

I have a steel series rival 100 mouse and since I got it I have noticed that moving my mouse around I hear a very faint high pitched beeps - it sounds like its coming from inside my tower
the faster I move the mouse in circles, the faint beeps become slightly louder and faster

My speakers are built into my monitor and wired to my tower via 3.5mm connector - unplugging the cable does nothing to stop the sound so I can confirm the sound is not coming from my speakers

I have dealt with this beeping for 2 years now and i'm tired of it, please help!

Sounds like there's a wiring issue in the mouse. That kind of beeping caused from a usb device is a warning. Potentially a short circuiting warning. I suggest getting a new mouse, or maybe trying a different port to see if it's that.

2 years? I hope you're kidding

2 years? I hope you're kidding
I'm not kidding lol. I read up an article about haptic feedback, but as far as I know the rival 100 doesn't have this

I guess ill just take it apart nd do some voltage testing on the wires and see if one of the wires is starting to short. It wouldn't surprise me since my kids have gotten ahold of it a few times

are you playing any mic inputs over your speakers? mic inputs, even with nothing in them can have interference with parts in your computer and produce static and high whining noises (this sounds like a case with the gpu, with differing loudness when other things are being rendered at the time (im assuming this only happens ingame?))

Having a phone/ipod/etc is a bad idea near other electronics

The beeping seems only to occur when im on the desktop moving the mouse around

The beeping seems only to occur when im on the desktop moving the mouse around
Still having this annoying issue. It still only happens on the desktop. I have also noticed that while drawing my mouse in small circles I cannot hear the beeping, but when I swirl the mouse in a bigger circle the beeping is quite prevalent

Please, someone, help me end this unmerciful beeping!!!!

beep off
but for real try a different mouse

dude, mice are so cheap you can just pick one up from the nearby goodwill.

get a new mouse

The issue isn't that I don't have another mouse to use that doesn't beep, the issue is that I paid 40 dollars for this gaming mouse and it did not do the beeping when I first bought it. I am sure there is a logical explanation for why it is beeping especially under such oddly certain circumstances