Author Topic: [NOW ON GLASS] Chinook Vehicle  (Read 4680 times)


I took a look at the skycrane 3 days ago and I found that it has no slayer support but only supported Space Guy's older Team Deathmatch gamemode script(s), and that it would pick up vehicles off of the enemy spawn points.. It would mean polishing it up a bit and adding slayer support but it's at least an option.

But what about abducting enemy vehicles?  :panda:

Bump again.. with an update!

I have fixed up multiple bugs that the chinook had and many annoying aspects about it (blinding viewports, hud shown for everyone in the vehicle). Should be a lot better to use now!
View OP for more info and the DL link!

Should make a topic in add-ons once its not buggy, aka probably now. Good work!

bump, i'm going to be moving this to my mini add-ons thread soon. as of any updates, none right now. i'll try and see what I can do with the skycrane code and add some slayer support and stuff maybe around monday or tuesday.