Author Topic: Charge Beam [unfinished addon]  (Read 842 times)

here is a gun i did not release because i cant be assed to finish it. it has no sounds or stuff and its very barebones but here's how it wokrs currently

everything in bold is a feature already implemented. anything that isnt is planned but never made

click to spam fire small 7 damage shots
click and hold to charge your shot
50% charge - 50 damage shot
100% charge - fires three 50-damage shots in a spread
125% charge - same as above but the gun overheats and is unusable for 1.5 seconds

a synth that rises in tone as you charge the gun, indicating that it is gaining power
an explosion when the gun overheats + smoke sound of it cooling off + emitters

despite the name it doesnt actually fire a 'beam' but projectiles. this was because i was too lazy to code raycasting. if anyone wants to add that in go ahead.

to unnamed 3rd party: feel free to change/finish this weapon because i never will. release it or keep it private or even just use the model and turn it into something different, idc.
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The forget are you doing to my thread

Bump. Conan please finish this for me. Or gyt. Or anyone

I'll just be snagging this....

in the process of making sounds for this