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It's nice to know the server is being worked on again
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Don't really care
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Having problems connecting (Contact Darth C3P0#2171 on Discord if true)
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Author Topic: The New Kerbal Space Program Megathread - Kraken VTOL Challenge - Thread Updated  (Read 10541 times)

Since the old megathread is dying off and I can't edit it, here's a new one.
Kerbal Space Program: Current Version 1.6

Q: What is KSP?
A: KSP is a game were you have green space men fly around the solar system, or you can make your own planes and crazy devices. There are 3 main modes, Career, Sandbox, and Science. In Sandbox you can do whatever you want without any limitations (besides computer specs), in Career you have to manage money, reputation, and kerbals and earn science to upgrade your technologies. In Science, you only have to worry about your science to upgrade tech,

Q: Can you install mods?
A: Yes, you can download the mods from sites like Spacedock, curse, and the KSP website. Once they are downloaded, place the mods into your GameData file in the KSP directory, whatever you do, DO NOT delete the Squad file in there.

Q: How much does it cost?
A: It costs $40 US on Steam, but you can get it on G2A for $7 if you want to take a chance. Making History is $15 USD, and you can buy both the game and DLC together for $50

Q: What type of specs do I need to run it?
A: I'd say at minimum you absolutely need 8gb of ram. You don't need a very good graphics card, but you need at least half a gb of VRAM. A quad core CPU is highly recommended but not necessary. I have a pentium g3200 and it runs the game alright with occasional crashes.

Q: My game keeps crashing, what can I do?
A: You can look in the logs to see if you can figure out what makes it crash, uninstall some of your recently installed mods, or you can force the game to run in either OpenGL, or DirectX 9 and 11. 11 is the most stable for me, but has more graphic bugs than the other 2.

Q: How do I launch in OpenGL/DirectX?
A: In your Steam launch parameters or the KSP launch menu, put in the following parameters:
-force-opengl For OpenGL
-force-d3d9 for DirectX 9
-force-d3d11 for DirectX 11

Q: How do I make a plane?
A: There are several vital things to making a plane. First, you need an aerodynamic body. So no ridiculous things hanging from the side like steel beams. After that, you need wings. Click on the little wing icon and weight icon while in the Space Plane Hangar to see your center of mass and center of lift. Your center of mass is yellow, your center of lift is blue. Your center of lift MUST be slightly behind your center of mass or in it in order to fly. It may not be in front of the center of mass AT ALL. If not, it will be less aerodynamic than Jeb's mother's apple pie. Third, you need batteries. This is self explanatory, but you need batteries in order to keep enough electric charge. The roosterpit already has some, but you still need extras. You don't need to worry about getting electric charge because your air breathing engine produces it. Fourth, you need an engine, it must be airbreathing, otherwise if you strap on a rocket it would need oxidizer. Fifth, you need some air intakes. Place them anywhere you want on the aircraft, as long as they are able to catch air when going straight. Finally, you need wheels. No explanation required here.

More Q&A questions will be brought up later down the line, for now lets get right into the big stuff.

KSP 1.6 is released, new challenge - Make a VTOL with only 4 engines, 2 vertical, 2 horizontal, all with stock parts (READ MORE).

Meet The Kerbals!
Jebadiah Kerman

Jebadiah is the first pilot out of the 4 default Kerbals you first get, and he is the only one with the badass trait which means literally everything nothing

Bill Kerman

Bill is the engineer, just like other engineers, he can repair wheels and extending solar panels

Bob Kerman

Bob is the scientist of the four Kermans, he has the least stupidity but the least courage. In career, he can tolerate G force, and labs can research 21x if he has 5 experience stars.

Valentina Kerman

Valentina is just like any other pilot and Jeb, except she doesn't have the badass trait. She is the 2nd default pilot and the only default female kerbal

Important Links:
KSP Wiki
KSP Forums/Official Website
Basic Aircraft Design Tutorial

Server Info:

Server Status: Offline (Hopefully I can make it dedicated in the future)
How To Join: Go into the Luna master server with the blue sheet button at the KSP main menu, look in the master server list, and look for "Blockland's KSP Server"

Server Name: Blockland's KSP Server

Port: 8800

Password: Blockland

Mods: I recommend you download tweakscale, bdarmory, kas and kis, b9, and quiztech aerospace. Modpack is releasing soon.
Stock visual enhancements is in here, if you do not want it due to computer specs, please remove it.
You do not need the mods to play on the server, only the client. Download the Luna Client
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updating the thread rn

excellent. thanks for doing this darth, dead OP in the other one made things a bit stuff

excellent. thanks for doing this darth, dead OP in the other one made things a bit stuff
yeah they did
added valentina to the topic, let me know what else to add because I cant think of anything besides the solar system planets and moons

Ok, I will add important links, forgot about that actually

mission: haul asteroid from landing site to KSC, after partial mission success involving an aerodynamically unstable SSTO which crashlanded with the cargo intact

mission status: top speed is 20m/s. timewarp is unusable due to asteroid shenanigans.

eternal suffering

how far away was it from the ksc

30 km
so you drive the same distance as if you would from the normal ksc to the old one in normal speed
my first ever interplanetary landing is under way, and it is for duna.