What are your thoughts on the new Luna server?

Haven't gotten to play it.
5 (50%)
It's nice to know the server is being worked on again
2 (20%)
Don't really care
2 (20%)
Having problems connecting (Contact Darth C3P0#2171 on Discord if true)
1 (10%)

Total Members Voted: 10

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I would preferably wait for 1.4.3 before hosting a DMP server. There are some MAJOR issues that need sorting out right now such as the 5m fairing just plain not working, all of the fairings having so much drag its like the old days before the new aerodynamics and landing legs exploding upon touching anything.
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This server was really only meant to be a placeholder anyways, but I see your points and have been affected by them in game, especially the landing struts during suicide burns. (thanks for the readout kerbal engineer) still wish i had the making history expansion
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forgetin buggy broke my antenna off while tumbling out of the cargo bay

fluids are everywhere
also until the patch comes out i suggest you all look for a steam guide on how to fix the landing legs

Bump, new poll, click the image in the poll to go to Take2's privacy policy page

someone pls give me a mission to do in kerbal space program cause i haven't played it in a while and don't know what to do...

i will update the thread with my progress.

make a mun base and try to do it in one mission
launch a satellite 10k above the muns surface on the same mission too lel
well first off how experienced are you in ksp
we all know your matt lowne, because hes from the uk so you gotta be him give it up!
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stuff the jig is up boiz, better hide behind minmus

you'd have to go farther than that to stop me

bump, cant wait to play tomorrow

I have switched from DMP to Luna due to mass improvements and DMP's current incompatibility with KSP, read more in the OP
Server Info:
Server Status: Online! (Hopefully I can make it dedicated in the future)
How To Join: Go into the Luna master server with the blue sheet button at the KSP main menu, look in the master server list, and look for "Darth's Blockland Server"
Server Name: Darth's Blockland Server
Port: 8800
Password: Blockland
Mods: Soon to come, you do not need the mods to play on the server, only the client. Download the Luna Client

server has been hosted all last night and through the morning, thanks to anyone that stopped in. i will keep the server up for the rest of the day and most likely shut it down late tonight for maintenance and whatnot. Expect a modpack release in the next few hours

Mods are now uploaded! Keep in mind that Stock visual enhancements is in here, if you do not want it due to computer specs, please remove it.
Mods Download
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server is up, going to update modpack today