What are your thoughts on the new Luna server?

Haven't gotten to play it.
5 (50%)
It's nice to know the server is being worked on again
2 (20%)
Don't really care
2 (20%)
Having problems connecting (Contact Darth C3P0#2171 on Discord if true)
1 (10%)

Total Members Voted: 10

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if i have extra mods installed what happens when i connect? :O

if i have extra mods installed what happens when i connect? :O
Nothing will happen until you make a ship that has modded parts. If the server doesn't have the mod then your spacecraft won't load up on the server.

Wrong actually, I made it so that if you have invalid parts, you straight up cant see other people for various reasons. You can use any mods you want, you just can't play with other players with that craft if they don't have the mod on their client and vice versa
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I played embarrassing long after updating to 1.4 without SPH/VAB part textures due to playing with forced dx11. Luckily, there's an interim fix: https://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/index.php?/topic/171793-14-parts-catalogue-textures-missing-in-vabsph/

servers gonna be up for a while, i have a dentist appointment so before i leave in an hour i will be on kerbal if you want to come down.

has anyone played the xbox version? i saw they released a new version that fixed several problems but iím still skeptical. iím know itís still nothing compared to the PC version but iím curious

I edited the blockland corner discord to make it suitable for use for the luna server, join here:

trying to make the support heli from MGSV
the thing is idk how to make helis so wish me luck
also where should the CoM and CoT be
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hot stuff my man
its basically the same as vtols except you need an engine to push you forward too so that way you can go forwards. its a lot more complex than vtols though because you gotta get the cot and com just right on top of each other, as well as find the perfect propeller-engine balance

any updates?
servers up btw

A workshop and a patch will be coming to Kerbal soon! If mods come on the workshop, also means that mods will be saved to the steam cloud so you dont have to go back and forth on computer, and i will be able to upload the luna server modpack too
loving awesome
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Patch 1.4.4 is out, with the new Steam workshop for crafts and mission files! Redshell has been removed from the game, so you don't have to worry about being "spied" on if you want to buy the game.

so i finally made a plane that i kinda like, and it can circumnavigate kerbin with ~40% fuel left cruising above 20 km at ~mach 4 and carry 20 pax
still using 1.3.1 so i can use far
also kerbin's radius seems to be 1000 km instead of 600km
(notice the one excess airbrake i later got rid of)

twin tail version has a tad less delta v than the single tail version

another circumnavigation

rapier engine version that can cruise higher and faster

first plane i made that sort of works