What are your thoughts on the new Luna server?

Haven't gotten to play it.
5 (50%)
It's nice to know the server is being worked on again
2 (20%)
Don't really care
2 (20%)
Having problems connecting (Contact Darth C3P0#2171 on Discord if true)
1 (10%)

Total Members Voted: 10

Author Topic: The New Kerbal Space Program Megathread - Kraken VTOL Challenge - Thread Updated  (Read 10520 times)

made a plane resembling the old x-plane x30 nasp since it kinda looks better and easier to make in ksp than the real final x30 design

probably going to make it have 4 engines again since the thrust/weight ratio is kinda low with just two and fuel used doesn't appear too different

does anyone know if intakes still float

i think they do, i remember one time i crashed my plane and intakes were like bouncing off the water

fastest (upwards incline) and highest flying plane i ever made
peaked at 1227.5 m/s at 35K meters
this is a still prototype btw

made my first sucessful SSTO with only 17.9s delta-v to spare
lost all my SAS electricity along the way

looks great
i think my fastest plane could go 2000 m/s before having to turn on radiators (which slows it down) and my highest plane could go to like 48km

anyways im working on getting the server up and running, will be guaranteed at most this weekend

luna server is up! Look for "Darth's Blockland Server" and I recommend you download tweakscale, bdarmory, kas and kis, b9, and quiztech aerospace. Modpack is releasing soon

our overlord has ascended, abandon ship boys

server is coming up, anyone want to have a war in ksp?
if you wanna fight you should download nkd, all 3 b9 mods, kas, kis, quiztech continued, and bdarmory

dont you dieeeee, tonight. i still love you, kerbal

started playing ksp again, will hopefully start the server and rust back up

armed with: four cluster bombs, 6 anti tank TOW missiles, two unguided missile pods, and two hidden wing vulcans

made myself a concorde
land successfully with minimal "jumps"
maintain a speed of atleast mach 1.8 during the middle portions of flight
be aerodynamically stable, considering this is the first type of craft i made of this caliber
have passenger capability of above 8 people
be extremely maneuverable despite being 60 tons, likely the first successful aircraft i made of this weight
go halfway around kerbin
top, side, and engine view

check out this awesome relay