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got bored and popped down to central london and took these (click for full sizes

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here’s my photographs

Decided this seemed like a pretty quality phone photo from the S9

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stuff, okay heres some stuff I've done that I really like.

I was messing around with my dad's Fujifilm Finepix S4800 and got some nice pictures of the sun behind trees at my grandpa's house. cant find the pictures right now because the clock on the camera set the picture date to somewhere in 2014 but anyways heres a few pictures of pupper

will get pics of the trees and the sun soon, my dad also has some badass bald eagle pictures
that first picture was out of focus btw

just the fence that's in the foreground. i did it on purpose

this is beautiful for wallpapers.

A few photos I took while I was in Monterrey Bay CA
Really beautiful place, would like to visit there again sometime.

this is the most page stretch-y thread ever

but it's worth it

ooh that's that good stuff

is that an updated picture of toby
how does toby look like now