which milk is best milk

whole milk
17 (28.3%)
skim milk
4 (6.7%)
strawberry milk
6 (10%)
chocolate milk
20 (33.3%)
almond milk
3 (5%)
soy milk
6 (10%)
pea milk
4 (6.7%)

Total Members Voted: 60

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I use whole milk for coffee and cooking
For drinking I prefer vanilla almond milk

the mild hierarchy to me goes:
chocolate milk, whole milk, soy milk, chocolate soy milk

2%, in-between whole and skim

I prefer gas milk. Doesn't spill, doesn't make a mess.
Only problem is that you have breath it in, and it doesn't solve hunger.

But hey.

wth where's 2% in that poll

tie between strawberry and chocolate
probably strawberry but I mean 2% milk is pretty loving good

regular milk is good for cooking and cereal, but chocolate milk is the best milk to drink