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Used to test my dueling swords in a DM setting. Save download is below:

Uses my ladder brick (under a different UI name, so you'll have to replace it), Blackdragon's filler packs, Modter, Slayer, Emilís smallramps, Demianís Doors, and 1Random pack. Lights are Ambient Lights

Big thanks to Trinko for helping out, and everyone else for sticking around while I rushed to finish it lol.
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I love it, looks pretty comfy

holy moly thank you conan

i like how its simple but w/o being bland

i like how its simple but w/o being bland

I agree.
This is the way I build as well. :)

i think sleven forgot how to pm

Was this by chance inspired by Degroot Keep?

nope, i just richarded around trying to make a fort to DM on until i got soPhysician Prescribed Desoxyning i was satisfied with

that said, im hosting it now

did you steal Conan's development server map?