Add Automaton as a playable race?

5 (33.3%)
Yes, limited occupations.
7 (46.7%)
Only as NPCs.
1 (6.7%)
0 (0%)
I don't care either way.
2 (13.3%)

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Author Topic: Colonial Dysfunction [1.25 Days Until Arrival | Malfunctions]  (Read 4499 times)

The axe comes down again on the glass.

A giant part of the side shatters. "Good! Lemme take it from here." He sets down his pad.

Jack steps back, putting the axe aside

Bill takes up the axe and grasps it by the handle close to the head and strikes the glass with moderate swings on the back corner of the head all around the sides, top and bottom, making small fractures and holes. He then takes the sharp side of the axe, sticks it inside and holds on with both hands pulling it back and using it like a hook to further break down the fracture points he created. Once finished, he uses the hook technique to pull the whole pane off, stepping away to let it crash on the floor.

"Oh, no way..."

"Jack, gimme a hand. We need to get him outta here."

Jack gladly assists, putting his arm behind the man's back, and them man's left arm over his shoulder. "I got his left, get the other side."


Bill steps forward and stops suddenly. "Hang on..." He reaches forward and lifts the man's face up by the forehead. "How about that?..."

He helps Jack by taking the other side. "On three. One, two, THREE!"

Bill heaves the man out of the broken-open cryo-pod and begin dragging him down the hall toward the Tram. Through labored breaths, Bill seems to say "stuff... Where's a... medical officer when we need one?"
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On three, Jack lifts the man out of the cryo-pod and toward the Trams. He seems to be having an easier time than Bill, but not much.

When Bill asks him the question, Jack answers, "I think we passed a few in the cryo deck, want to pick one out and grab'm out?", he jokes.

As much as it pains me to say, we can barely carry these people, and I don't know what happens. The best we can do is..." Bill remains silent while they lay him down gingerly on the tram. "I mean... Always saw it on movies; wonder if it'd help."

Bill walks into the same vending machine where they got coffee earlier and pushes a button on the display. A cup drops down and it immediately dispenses liquid. He carries back a cup without a lid, and splashes the cold water on the man's face.

Jack grabs his shoulders and attempts pulls him away, but he'd be a bit too late. "Jesus man--What if he's in shock! You could kill'm!" Jack looks back at the man, seeing if hes still unconscious.

Bobby patrols around the warehouse trying to find anything unusual or out of the ordinary in it.

Name: John Hero
love: Male
Occupation: Sanitation Technician
Appearance: A middle-aged, short, white male. He has brown, scruffy hair, brown eyes, shaved beard and face seems to look dirty. He speaks with an Irish accent. He seems to possess a crimson prosthetic right arm with faded out branding (this gives no benefits or downsides, it functions similarly to a human arm).
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Sore fingers. That's all that first came to mind as Geo slowly returned to the land of the living. For a moment or two, his mind sat in a stirring state, contemplating why his fingers were hurting. Soon after, his mind noticed the uncomfortable feeling of being dragged. He drifted in and out of consciousness, as his train of limited thought never thought to wake up. Eventually, the dragging feeling goes away. He began to fall back into a slumber... until the sharp feeling of cold water struck his face.

Geo is shocked into the waking world, though nevertheless groggy. He takes a small while to react, but sure enough, the water's gotten his attention. He instinctively wipes his face with a hand, sits up, and opens his eyes. His first sight? Two very distinctly non-medical personnel, with one pulling the other back.

"...You lot aren't the resuscitation crew."

"Hey woah, hold up–" Bill responds, being pulled back, before noticing the man had come to. He shakes free, squatting down, "Geo... It's me, Bill... Sorry about the uh, water, but... No medical teams are available. There's something wrong with the cryopods, potentially even more than that. The Convocation was empty save for me, this guy, and some security Automaton."

Bobby finds many unscathed shipping containers, still bolted down. He has only surveyed a small part of the area, though.
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Jack feels a twinge of guilt for that, but he continues. "Hey, do you know whats going on--Er, Geo?"