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This is the bounty hunters clan! We are dedicated to upholding justice where cops fail. Somebody just busted your head behind your back? They took your horse and your just mad? Haven't payed you for a service you gave them?
Then hire a bounty hunter today!

Rules of the clan:

(1) All bounties at a reasonable price with a good reason are accepted.

(2) Bounties to hunt Badspot, Digi, Rotondo, Wedge, Mocheeze, Plague and other well known players will be ignored.

(3) Bounties against other bounty hunters will be ignored

(4) Anyone who refuses to pay for a bounty ends up a bounty himself

(5) Remember to announce your bounty hunter status when entering a server

(6) Please do not kill innocents, spam the chat, or participate in petty crimes

(7) Rewards have been removed from the global bounty's because there is no way to prove your kill. Feel free to hunt them anyway

(8) Bounty Hunters will now be payed a salary when possible.

*Rules are subject to be improved and ratified


Any player can approach a bounty hunter and ask for a bounty on someone's head. They must then pay half of the gold up-front to have you look for the bounty.
Once a bounty is killed, the client must pay whatever the other half of the gold was for the bounty's capture.

If a client refuses to pay you after a successful hunt, all clan members will be informed to eliminate said client.
If client cannot pay because of death (meaning loss of neccesary funds) then suggest a lower price for your hunt and discontinue work for that client for 3 days.

Please contact me if you wish to join the clan. I may put up a website to keep the clan updated on bounties and such. But for now we will play it by ear.


We currently have in the clan:

Golem -- Leader
Plague -- Co-leader
DarkMonkey -- Mercenary
BanderaIVVI -- Silent Hunter
Ephialtes -- Gung Ho

Missing in action:

Cazzeh -- (gone for long period of time)
Snot -- (gone for long period of time)
Otis da Houskat -- (banned)

We are currently accepting:
1 or 2 more members if skills can be proven


Bounty levels:

Level 1 bounty = Mild annoyance

Level 2 bounty = Threatening Bounty

Level 3 bounty = Official Bounty

Level 4 bounty = High Threat Criminal

Level 5 bounty = Worldwide terrorist


Current bounties:

CopKiller - Level 3 bounty
Reason: General mayhem and disruption of the peace
Bountier: Vertical Horizon

Stecca - Level 1 bounty
Reason: Excessive horse theft and annoyance.
Bountier: Plague

Yellowblood - Level 3 bounty
Reason: Luring people into the wilderness pretending to befriend them, then killing them behind their back.
Bountier: Bounty Hunters
Alternate names: Yellowhook

Ytud Fo - level 2 bounty
Reason: Horse theft and ungainly attitude
Bountier: Bounty Hunters
Alternate names: Officer Ytud

GeneralX - Level 3 bounty
Reason: handicapped behavior and exploitation of noobs
Bountier: Bounty Hunters
Alternate names: copass


The bounty hunter clan will provide a number of our services to you, the people:

1. Hunt bounties - 300g up front + 500g upon capture (fee may be higher)

2. Rescue dead players - 200g - 250g depending on location

3. Provide rides on our horses to anywhere - 100g -300g depending on location

Other services for negotiation include:

Bodyguard duty
Dye Distribution

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Nicely organized...i would join if i could play :]

Bounty Hunters= cool.

Sign me up.

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Ok, cool. I'll edit the first post and put you guys on the list.
See ya in-game.

Updated first post! Check it out.

I'll join if your still taking people.  This seems like a really good idea, and I need something new to keep me entertained in AOT.

We have room for you, so i'll be sure to add you into the team.
We now have:

Otis da houskat (AKA marshal of starboard town)

We are no longer accepting registrations at this time, but I will still post updates here regularly.

I dropped a note at the spawn point advertisimg for the bounty hunters. give it a look if you want.

Thanks that may help Darkmonkey. 
New bounties and updates on the first post!

Remember to advertise that you are a bounty hunter when you enter a server, we still need more bounties to make this a profitable guild.

Yes! A real bounty. copkiller, prepare to die.

Anyone on the most wanted list should be put up there. After you kill someone, it would be a good to make sure it gets off the list fast. Also, I was wondering where you get all the cash from?

Cash comes fromt those who pay for people to be hunted or myself.
I leave the most wanted list to the cops, and just hunt *anyone* who I am payed to kill.

Also, I have another new clan-sponsored bounty for us (look on main post)
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****head for living up to his name.

Check the first post, I have heard of his dealings and he is a level 4 bounty now.
I have included his IP and alternate names for easy hunting.

We don't have much money, so clan members need to donate whenever I am online. We will build up a bank of finances and use it to give out bounties as much as we take them.