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The BCS was created in order to further the reach of sports in the Blockland community. We try to keep our server up almost 24/7, available for all people to come on and practice. (Games are more generally hosted at night or on the weekends). We enjoy hosting a plethora of different sports on the server, and always enjoy new players coming on to experience the wide world of Blockland sports.
As well as hosting a server for the community, the BCS also owns a discord server as an outlet for all of our community members to talk to each other. We have different rooms for real-life sports discussions, we often broadcast major sports events or even sometimes movies on our room, and the discord is generally where we organize our games and events, so if you want to be at all involved in the BCS, we highly recommend you join our discord!


BCS is proud to host an assortment of game modes for the community.
We also continue to work on new game modes and sports.

A mainstay of the BCS, soccer, or football to others, was one of the first sports that we hosted as a community. Being one of the most popular sports in Blockland, we look forward to hosting this game mode more and more as we get closer to Summer.

Another well-known sport in the Blockland community, Basketball tournaments have been present in Blockland for many, many years. The BCS is happy to keep the tradition ongoing by hosting our improved version of basketball as often as we can.

Blockland’s equivalent to American Football, we are constantly changing and improving this game mode, and we look forward to potentially hosting some tournaments after other bugs are fixed.

The sport responsible for the creation of the BCS, baseball was developed and expanded entirely by the BCS. Though hosted less often than the other sports due to its high playercount demand, we still enjoy hosting, playing, and improving baseball.


While scrimmages and pick-up games on our server can be fun, the sports community would be nothing without some friendly competition. So the BCS would be nothing without the tournaments that we host. In the past, we have hosted a couple of small tournaments, but we look to the future with great aspirations. Here are some of our upcoming events.
As done for the past 4 years, the BCS is proud to continue the annual summer soccer tournament. This year, we are going back to the roots of the tournament by hosting the World Cup, just as done in 2014, the inaugural year of the soccer tournament. Though still early, the World Cup is constantly being worked on by a very devoted dev team. As we get closer to summer, more details will be revealed about the intricacies of the tournament. For now, we are very excited for what this tournament has in store, and it should improve on all of the past tourneys, while maintaining the same sense of grandeur established by the four previous cups.


During our tournaments, we try to hold our community members to the highest standard of sportsmanship and behavior. As a result, we have made this rulebook to solidify our expectations into writing. Created by WALDO and revised by the rest of the BCS Administration, we fully expect all of our members to read and follow these rules, both on and off the server.


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Hey I played on the american football server a few weeks ago and that was really fun.

do i qualify as an athlete if i play this instead of real sports

do i qualify as an athlete if i play this instead of real sports
but but you become a pro gamer

do i qualify as an athlete if i play this instead of real sports
esports is sports................

Wow!!!! Looking forward to it baby! Yes!

The signups for the BCS 3v3 Basketball Tournament are here!

The BCS is excited to host the March Madness 3v3 Basketball Tournament starting on Friday, March 30th! Players will be allowed to form entirely custom teams (optional intro songs included) through our Discord once you have signed up through our official website. The sign-ups for this tournament will close on March 28th, so spread the word to all your friends and join soon! Scrimmages will be hosted more and more frequently as we draw closer to the tournament. We hope to see you there!

Its nice to see so many new people playing

A heads up to everyone: signups for the BCS 3v3 Basketball Tournament closes tonight at 12:00 AM CDT. So if you wish to sign up as a player, now is the time to do so!

Sign-ups for the 3v3 Basketball Tournament have now ended! 7 team signed up, rosters and schedule below!


Schmucks 2: Electric Boogaloo          Rockin' Crocs          Brighton Swishers          Leapin' Lily Pads
  • Tumbleweed
  • 2many
  • Pheon
  • Chill
  • celau
  • quippy
  • Kovect
  • Mel the Frog
  • Mishi
  • Sloth
  • spuds
  • Lawson
  • Chromo67

CheeseTeam                     Blockland Monglers             Ice Breakers
  • Cheesemaster55
  • SpaceGaming
  • TeevoTron
  • Geese
  • Hit
  • _angelkitty_
  • Monaco
  • Darth C3P0
  • Barduck
  • Jeetlor
  • TheGoldenKai


The first game, CheeseTeam vs Blockland Monglers will take place at 8:00 EDT, then Schmucks 2: Electric Boogaloo vs Rockin' Crocs at 8:30 EDT, and Brighton Swishers vs Leapin' Lily Pads at 9:00 EDT. Finally, due to the uneven amount of teams that signed up, the Ice Breakers will take on the highest scoring losing team from the 3 previous games at 9:30 EDT.

Team will then be reseeded according to total points scored, and the 2nd and final round will take place tomorrow!
So if you are looking for some fun basketball to watch tonight, be sure to join the BCS server!
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The first round has now concluded! The bracket below shows the new reseeded bracket (based off of total points scored)

Schmucks 2: Electric Boogaloo vs CheeseTeam will be at 8:15 EDT, and Leapin' Lily Pads vs Rockin' Crocs at 9:00 EDT! The Grand Finals will take place between the winners at 10:00 EDT!
Come join!