Author Topic: 2018/03/16 - Blockland r1988  (Read 81695 times)


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Small update to make Blockland keys with high id numbers work.  Keys from the 40k-50k range are sold out, new keys will be from the 230k-250k range.

it's been 4,000 years....

So now there's no more low IDs for sale?

dang it's gettin that high already? :o

does that mean all the dlls made since the last update are now invalid/dont work??? D:

Is blockland coming back to life?

This...This is what we NEEDED! Blockland will forever strive! This is the best update we've ever gotten!

holy stuff, it's a new update (even if it's a tiny one)
thank you god badspot
also rip all the dll mod makers