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Author Topic: FALLOUT Thread 2.0 - Nope, blow the whole town up.  (Read 10256 times)




F4NV has been making lots of progress recently, they've been redesigning everything really well and the new content they're bringing it looks sweet too, the way they have to handle voice acting is a bummer however people could always make a mod for that
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The brotherhood of steel in fallout 1 are cunts

unfortunantly, the Fallout 3 remake in the Creation Engine (the engine that Fallout 4 uses), "Capital Wasteland" has been cancelled / put on hiatus due to Bethesda "unable or not willing" to legally provide the voice lines from Fallout 3.

Full (Rock Paper Shotgun) article here.

Does anyone know if loving fallout 4's creation club is still breaking F4SE or not?

They said they would fix their gay system so there is no longer a constant need to update CC just to add a single hat but I have people telling me otherwise this isn't true.

I was told recently a 0.0k update download broke loving F4SE again.

havent played fallout in a while but i still want to keep this thread alive
ive had a new vegas itch recently but i dont want to set up mods and stuff

Too bad bethesda killed the soul of fallout.

It's just a quick buck for betheda now, they don't care about the content.

after getting up to around level 20 its boring from there on out

after getting up to around level 20 its boring from there on out

Well since there is no level cap in F4 there is no real sense of progression.