Author Topic: where do you want to live  (Read 1652 times)

nunavut is pretty damn alone my dude

There's 60 people there ;(

not completely alone

There's 60 people there ;(

not completely alone
they're all alone together :)

how do you feel about it being 103 degrees farenheit outside in march

that sounds nice actually

id like to try out miami

realistically i'll probably end up in a larger city in california or somewhere on the eastern seaboard or maybe i'll stay in texas.

unrealistically a huge house with tons of land and forest around somewhere in texas or montana idk

Alert, Nunavut

Basically as far from people as I possibly can be, without completely being alone.
bet the internet sucks up there

i want to live in hawaii.
i know the islands are small
but dang

there's a lot of things to do for a few small islands

(i learn from experience, i've been to oahu)

probably in boca grande, its very nice and less than 4 miles from the beach basically anywhere. as well as frontier fios being available anywhere on the island

Solitude with nature and mountains. What more could you want?

Somewhere in the UK, most likely in Yorkshire