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I called shy guy a beaner, lol. He's annoying, we go back.

Really? I've called him worse and was never banned

you might have misunderstood the situation if you think he wanted to be associated with you at all to begin with
edit: i just reread the thread, and he never even insinuated that he was gonna invite you to anything? this post is double stupid
You might have misunderstood the banter if you think that too. I don't even know Darryl, why would he want me to join?

Really? I've called him worse and was never banned
It's called hatred, tbh. I find it rather unlikely people such as Ide have not said much worse, but it's whatever. Boys will be boys!
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I'm not from Europe, nor do I live there so that's a bit of a random comment to make lol
I was going off of your voice, the one time I heard you I thought you were European, unless that was someone else

I'm assuming this is what you mean.