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Live. 11:58 PM.

Late night!
See you on.

sign me the forget up. I'm joining


2:43 AM. See you soon!

I played 2/3 of the story and quit out of boredom...
They put alot of work into it though.
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Just a little bump.
Might host this soon!
Got to fix the thread.

i see the red spartan in one of the reviews, are you in any way in contact with him?

Live now! 11:12 PM EST.
getting --- ping :s

nvm i was just too fast


Evening hosting. 7:26 PM.

I think It's safe to say this game gave me the goosebumps. But please try to improve the opening area. I got stuck on it for 10 minutes until someone showed me how to get behind barrels that I could barely see.

use your light then dipstuff