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dark knight dummo gamemode (gamefandan getting banned celebration edition)

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Punished Kidalex90:

big 14 know what the forget going onthis is dark knight dummo, a zombie survival gamemode based on trippie redd - dark knight dummo. there are two teams, the survivors and the zombyz.

the survivors' goal is to survive for two minutes without being loving killed by the zombyz. if a survivor is killed by a zomby, they become a zomby.

the zombys' goal is to loving kill the survivors. the zombyz are motivated by a nonstop loveual lust toward the survivors because the zombyz are suspect as forget. which is probably because they are members of the osc

download now

cool as epic

bad song nice map


--- Quote from: simpletonnn on May 03, 2018, 09:45:53 AM ---bad song nice map

--- End quote ---
simple is dumb dont listen to him

Darth C3P0:
you poop


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