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when i open all-in-one reloaded.exe,press 1,press enter  and torque... pops out of the bottom when i click on it,it dosent come out. what do i do? :cookieMonster:

make sure its installed correctly

God people just try to find things for yourself. Its a no-brainer.

i did. i DL it a lot of times.

none of the mods that you have to at the blockland 0002 to the mod work TBM,AiO,SBL,and lots

Because I'm such a nice guy (lolz) I've made a tutorial video explaining how to install a mod over a Vanilla folder and how to run it. It's about two and a half minutes cause I left room in there so you can follow me while you're installing.
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Plang mod. Lol. Nice tutorial.

ok now i am confused

Well, when you're cofused, it is best to post in a month old topic saying something useless.

Hes doing his nightly spam round.

Yeah, he does it all the time. Just like procrastination.

I do that 5 times a day.

Actually Spation you try but you can't.

Lol i say he got owned and i have a dedicated up for all those noobs that play 0002 i have killing on and mods shoved i n there it wont let me see the video tho so im working on that vehicles for noobs seems fun just need to find out how to turn off killing Xp people complain alot well off to work for a new pc :D!!!!!!!!!