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Author Topic: Super Blockland Maker for Nintendo 3DS - A WIP Mario Maker 3DS mod.  (Read 14157 times)

Super Blockland Maker is a theme mod for Super Mario Maker for Nintendo 3DS which plans to turn almost the entire SMW theme into a blockland theme.

Right now it only has overworld replaced, and a couple of entities. And that's where you come in.

You can be in the game as an object or suggest theme ideas thanks to the power of Kuriimu!

Just name what enemy you want to be, and your forum avatar will be sprited into the game!

If you want a custom request to represent something else, post an edited version of the spriters resource sprites of your enemy.



Goomba - Verification
Koopa Troopa - Mega-Bear and limerick
Piranha Plant - gr8dayseth (just making sure)
Fire-Spitting Piranha Plant - Copy Kirby
Lakitu - Metalliku
Spiny - Merp
Blooper - Ahead
Cheep Cheep - Pompmaker02 and ???
Dry Fish - Cromartini
Underwater Spikes - ???
Hammer Bros - Edd
Sledge Bros - Dark Blockland Guard 2
Buzzy Beetle - Ayebee123
Bowser - thatguysebi
Bowser Jr. - Sebi Park
Rocky Wrench - Nix the Glaceon
Monty Mole - Chris72003
Bob-omb - Notbomberguy (sorry stellarnaut, did their sprites first without even checking who was first)
Spike Top - ???
Boo - Potatoh
Dry Bones - Boomsticks Alt
Note Blocks - :egg:
Magikoopa - simpletonnn
Bullet Bill - GreenBH
there's more enemies that arent listed here, just google mario maker enemies

Lu9 - Editor Music
Superkart Team - Fast Overworld Music
Eric Hartman - Blockland
Nintendo - Super Mario Maker
??? - After School Special
Daft Punk - Doin it Right
Rockman 8 FC - Oilman Sprites
https://mariomods.net/ - Helping me become a modder for mario maker

Latest update:
  • Added GreenBH as bullet bill
  • Made simpletonn the magikoopa
  • Made NotBomberGuy the bob-omb, sorry stellarnaut i forgot before i made the sprites
  • iirc i added blooper and buzzy beetle sprites before i forgot about this project so yeah
« Last Edit: July 13, 2018, 07:38:17 AM by craftersshaft »

o o i can be the piranha plant

i dont know why i didnt think of that considering i made a gr8dayseth piranha plant for smb1 but yeah

just note that these arent regular plants, they're the jumping ones that look like just the head but if you want to be the fire plant that's cool too

added, check the latest wip

i tried to test my own wip and it crashed the system (no bricks because of luma)

so dont try it yet until i fix it

edit: apparently it was just the music, fixed that and will add it to next wip

edit: didnt fix it apparently

edit: okay, so something about the music is off but i think i got it because i just forgot to add yoshi's track

edit: i swear if this doesnt fix it
« Last Edit: May 08, 2018, 10:33:40 AM by craftersshaft »

it works finally

edit: final update before i get an x-ray, first come first served for enemies
« Last Edit: May 08, 2018, 10:47:50 AM by craftersshaft »

make me and edd hammerbros

use this for Koopa Troopa

make that a underwater spike

put me as the fish things, forgot what they were called

right they're called cheep cheeps, put me as the cheep cheeps

also maybe you could have the overworld blocks use the blockland stud texture? a sprite of it anyways
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