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Hey all,

This is some piece of artwork that has to be shown. Let me start a quick story that takes us back to 2007. In 2007 there was only one user named ReactorWorker that made a planets map of the Solar System. The Solar System map quickly became fun and popular. The ground was limited, you had your own planet and you felt some kind of survival. Without vehicle, you were doomed to invade other planets if the server had a space roleplay. All those pieces together is what made the map cool, the adventure and building. However, ReactorWorker stopped with developing The Planets 2.0 in 2009.

In 2012, I started with a new galaxy map named Doradus. Development continued in 2015 again, containing six star systems. There was only a couple of stuff missing: stars have a glowing effect, planets are lighted by its home star(s). Yesterday the map was updated, making it more realistic but, too late to make it for Blockland. Imagine if we had pull all of our effort to get the maximum out of Torque Game Engine with a planets map. Check out the video here.

Lighting effect
The planets are lighted by the home star(s). If a planet is very close, it is bright. If it is far away, it becomes darker until the planet turns black. There are two types of stars in the map: red dwarf and yellow stars. The blue stars do not work yet but these will be very bright.


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