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Author Topic: Super Blockland Maker for Nintendo 3DS - A WIP Mario Maker 3DS mod.  (Read 14155 times)

turn bowser into badspot

thats what i was going to do until sebi claimed it, maybe badspot will be an alt


Turn the note blocks into blocks

reminder that you can
suggest theme ideas

also, stellar, it's first come first served for enemies unless someone else immediately wants to be that enemy after
you were first come, and nobody challenged you, so you already got the role

ok i didnt se it so i wanted to make suRE

i'll be the fire spitting piranha plant

i dont know why i didnt think of that considering i made a gr8dayseth piranha plant for smb1 but yeah

just note that these arent regular plants, they're the jumping ones that look like just the head but if you want to be the fire plant that's cool too
eh either one i'm fine with :p

op has new screenshot, gonna take a break for a bit and finish the other suggestions in the afternoon or tomorrow

Make the fire clown car me

make me loving goomba