Who deserves to be hammer bro?

13 (48.1%)
14 (51.9%)

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Author Topic: Super Blockland Maker for Nintendo 3DS - A WIP Mario Maker 3DS mod.  (Read 14153 times)

Can I be underwater spikes my dude?

Paratroopas share the sprites of regular koopas.
Then make me a Dry Bones

Could I be the dry fish?

Could I be the dry fish?

cromartini took it, i havent updated op yet

Is this still being worked on?

havent worked on it for a bit but i probably should

I'd like to be the second cheep cheep

...i think i'm very late.

i know i'm not participating, but this looks cool and i don't want it to die

is it possible for me to be the bullet bill cannon?

i think those are replaced in the tilesets but im probably wrong

i dont think i have my 3ds on me to test but i do have the enemy files so i should probably work on this

only reason i havent is because sebi still hasn't made bowser/bowser jr. sprties

edit: bullet bill sprites are in enemies, i just need either your avatar uncompressed or your bl character

and also new update but eh that's not important
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