Author Topic: Blockland Runescape [Runeland?] - debugging again  (Read 2113 times)

This 'gamemode' emulates Runescape in Blockland. Screenshots below. 'Nuff said.

I need some testers to find bugs, so come on over to the Runescape Public Client Test server and forget around with it. not hosting rn

Before you do that though, you'll want to get the (experimental) client first:

Be sure to read 'README.txt' for instructions on how to install the add-on correctly.


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my brain is so confused

that's hilarious

very nice armour model

the h becomes capitol in the "walk here" in the upper left when another option is available. wtf literally unplayable pls fix

in all seriousness this is VERY cool so far tho, can't wait to see how it ends up later on!

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For everyone who came to test the client add-on today:
Can you please DM me (Clay Hanson#2274) if you experienced a chat bug where you "couldn't type", "couldn't see chat", or "the chat was black and blue" when you joined another server? I would love to get rid of this bug asap. I know it's not my client add-on's fault, since I'm running on a vanilla version of Blockland with only Client_Runescape (and Server_Runescape) and I don't experience any of those bugs.

Also, have another screenshot:

The server is up again! Come test it out

When you try to use logs on the tinderbox (not the tinderbox on the logs) you get this error message:
Nothing interesting happens. (Server_Runescape/items.cs :: onItemUsedOn not defined for RSItem_Logs)

Due to frequent crashing, I'll stop hosting for now and try to figure out what is crashing it

and i'll also address a few complaints about the installation of the add-on, too

hey that's pretty good