Author Topic: icefreeze is at it again  (Read 2713 times)

ice legit bought an alt just to forget with me and to get back on blg

he joined my server and the first thing he said was some bullstuff story he made up trying to get my players to leave

i hope that 10 dollars was worth it

he was in ants server spamming bots that were all spamming explosions, causing latency to spike and ghosting for more than 10 minutes.

credit to magus for the pic

joined a server with my bud yesterday

.22rain was on so i thought the hell with it i'm sure if i ignore him it'll be fine and he will have no reason to stir anything, so the first thing he said was "Oh, it's you :)" turns out he was actually ignoring me too for quite some time until i started talking about the local drama going on in bl and he said "Shut up, no one cares. Stop whoring for attention."
then he started blubering out random stuff and making no sense, so i told him to calm down but he claimed i was the one stirring because i was ignoring his bullstuff

then he went on saying he's a heavy drinker at the age of 15 trying to intimidate me, then he accused me of being a "Mere child." because i didn't believe what he said. then he went on with saying stuffty offenses and resorting to autism jokes