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I ran into an issue with a new gaming mouse (Razer Orochi) where the player would continue turning the direction I last turned, and wouldn't stop until I moved it again. If you're having this issue, this fix may get rid of that problem. I coded this specifically for this major gameplay-hendering issue. This will only work in-game, not the menu or the pause menu!

I know there's a difference between code and a driver. It's just a name.

Explanation Video

Download (New Link)

Before downloading this mod, try Kuande's comments explanation (on original post, link below). (Images in comments) (Go to your Blockland base folder, select and right click Blockland.exe, go to the Compatibility tab, and check "Disable display scaling on high DPI settings". Keep in mind, that if you own a larger TV that you're playing Blockland on, doing so may make text hard to read. If so, you might as well get my fix.

Original post with Kuande's comments:

nice, I was having this problem as well
thank you so much!

After a while I have realized that the solution I've posted doesn't always work (and sometimes only works when VSync is disabled)

I'm glad that other games are trying to fix it internally
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nice, I was having this problem as well
thank you so much!