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Author Topic: smf vs. xenforo  (Read 1214 times)

The one and only thing I love about SMF.
When you click a board, then go back home, that entire board is marked as read, but the individual threads aren't. If you go back to that board, the threads are still there with their quick and easy [New] buttons you can click to go right to the oldest unread post.
Most if not all other forum software, the board is either marked unread until you either read every thread or hit the "Mark all as read" button, or going back home automatically marks every thread in that board as read. And most of them don't have a button you can click to go to the oldest unread message (cough steam discussions).

smf is so much nicer than all the other forum layouts i've seen. there's also the added bonus of no post signatures
xenforo is nice and all but it has way too many unecessary stuff and annoying stuff. not to mention it has signatures

smf has no signatures, it's very simple and it's just how forums were meant to be tbh
That's not something default to SMF. It's a modification Badspot made to it. In fact, the setting for turning them on is still there, it just doesn't do anything. Ever since I've come here though, I've turned the feature off everywhere else I go. I will admit though, it's better when it's just completely disabled like it is here. Had people complain "well its in my signature!!!" to me about stupid stuff. Like for real, I don't want to see your stupid anime gifs, stupid stuff about your personal life, 'inspirational' quotes, or any of your servers/websites; between each and every single post someone makes.

honestly op should clarify he means the smf version used here, cause ive seen smf forums that do have extra clutter n stuff like user subtitles or special sub-icons on top of the enabled-by-default user signatures. the layout here is perfect for readability and clarity.

i prefer 4kidschan but this is really good too

really, as long as the system has the ability to disable signatures and is generally easy to use, i'm ok with it
another forum i go on uses xenforo and it's pretty nice with minimal clutter aside from signatures, which are thankfully automatically hidden by a fade until you hover over it