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I thought I should throw these saves out in case if anybody wanted to look at them after so long.

Requirements (Estimate - Some stuff is for sure missing, but for walking around looking I doubt you need any of them.):
  • Gamemode_zombie
  • Event_Variables (The older one, v2? v3? v4?)
  • Event_Variable5
  • Event_ShiftEventEnabled
  • Event_setPlayerTransform
  • Event_setEventTimeout
  • Event_MultiVar
  • Event_PromptEvents
  • script_eventsPlus
  • Event_SavingVariables
  • Script_Player_Persistence
  • JVS_DoorsPack (all of them probably)
  • Event_ItemSaving
  • Colorset_Trader
Addons Download:!MxE0iTAZ!xyY9hoiFTWEa4CDy_rctc1ZCw-vmEAlFlRBuDzoE3EM

Challenge:!R48EHYSB!t5SmkpibDrVw72zBqipqvnr52dkCr Fc2ZyBUmqsIPnA
Now you can get your revenge on my challenge if you were one of the people in this video. - and this video is 10 years old oh god help me

RPG:!Yw8RkLyb!YH53w5ZQuEHNaFks18nIVTzdCh4B7 z8NoI6h5D6ILwM
This didn't run well then and it still doesn't. I'm still very happy with the arena though, that was a nightmare to event. A few things are broken and I don't know if anybody but me would be able to set it up correctly easily. Look for buttons.  Here's a video of sunthiel saying "uhh"
Also I've almost certainly forgot some add-on requirements. This thing was a mess.

K that's it here's a video of some ducks.

Oh and here's some credit:
Challenge : Jeorge, Hoogle, Dante, Alexander, Scobby (What happened to her?)
RPG: Colten, Rkynick, Dread, Jeorge
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these are some real classics, goddamn. thanks for the release after so long.

make a zip file of the addons????????????

make a zip file of the addons????????????!MxE0iTAZ!xyY9hoiFTWEa4CDy_rctc1ZCw-vmEAlFlRBuDzoE3EM
As far as I remember this should be every addon needed, one of these addons was made for me by rkynick but I don't remember which one.

Also I'm sorry for the offensive text hidden in the credits of my rpg, I don't remember who wrote that but shame on them.

It's a shame Blockland has such a low player count now, I'd love to completely remake the rpg to be less terrible but nobody would play it.
(Why did I never add custom sounds or prints?)
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also holy stuff the date of the saves is preserved

did u really stay up till 5 AM????
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snot pls cant we fight in a waitrose instead

Holy stuff the memories

snot pls cant we fight in a waitrose instead
too middle class innit

what happened to Dante?