Would you like a Golden Block Awards?

i hate the oscars
6 (17.1%)
forget you
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Author Topic: The Golden Block Awards 2019  (Read 1475 times)

Coming Soon! The Golden Block Awards will essentially be an award show similar to the Oscars, but for Blockland and will consist of key categories such as Best Server and Best Admin. Major details about these vital parts of the show will be released throughout the year leading up to the show.

There are basically three steps on how the show will work. First off, in order to choose nominations for the main categories, my team and I will visit various servers every day while asking the people of Blockland about their choice for these categories. Throughout the year, new third parties will be developed - entirely consisting of unbiased individuals, as new voting threads will also be posted on the forums to ensure that the people are heard.

As expected, there will be certain rules and qualifications for being nominated in addition to the qualifications for winning and becoming a member of a voting third party. Furthermore, when it comes to voting, there will be an objective half and a subjective half which will help determine nominations while winners will be decided mainly by the people (suggestions for nominations will be taken). As of now, construction has begun for The Golden Block Awards. Helpers and professional, unbiased players who think they can perform a fantastic job when it comes to voting and talking to the people may start applying. Also, my team and I have been keeping note of potential contenders from the past months for the categories soon to be announced in case somebody asks.

I am extremely excited to bring this show to life and who knows, if it's successful it can go on until Blockland completely dies, or it can die quickly and go straight to hell.

Current Dates:

Planned Date for the Awards Ceremony: March 2nd

Final Voting: February 2019

Nomination Results: January 2019

Nomination Voting: December 2018


There will be eight main categories ranging from best player to best server. Further details and specifics about the event will be released in the near future.


Feel free to contact me if you'd like to help build, design, and improve the construction for this year's Golden Block Awards!

Let the games begin!

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Lets hope this does not fall apart

hehe more like the golden rooster awards... lol.

i read this as "the golden glock awards"
forget i think i make too much guns

i read this as "the golden glock awards"
forget i think i make too much guns

looks like the one from the swep pack ngl