Author Topic: Lost my loving key again  (Read 409 times)

God damn it, so i was logged onto Blockland today, and when i tried to join a server, it said "couldnt authenticate with the master server" or soPhysician Prescribed Desoxyning like that, so i asked on BLG and was told to re-enter my key, ok, no problem, ive got it saved on my computer. So i close out of blockland and go to look for my key, and its gone. What the forget, not again. I looked everywhere in my files and couldnt find it, so i go to use the keyutils from Ipquarx, and that didnt work either, though i put my key.dat and console.log in, help. Do i contact Badspot? I dont even know my loving BLID cuz i had to rebuy it, its not the one for the forum. This type of stuff happens alot.