Author Topic: Master server is getting forgeted again  (Read 2457 times)

Someone go get a screenshot and post it here, the server is called despacito

Edit: heres a picture i got to finally get up
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why does someone else have to get the screenshots for you

Because I suck, like i really do

we are the most popular game on steam of all time  :cookieMonster:

Because I suck, like i really do
well then suck on these nuts for a while:

Damn, he's spamming it now.

this guy is "theviacom" on here, and got banned about half a week ago for making senseless spam stuffposts.

Vittoriohp is not theviacom lol.

wtf i thought he was, never mind then.

doesn't seem to be viacom. however, it seems like either this profile was hacked or someone rediscovered some obscure game in their library and decided to forget around, due to the drastic inbetween "last seen's"

whom is blueboy392

quick find the boy and question him on how he used to act

i see vittoriohp on servers occasionally, but havent recently

Considering Badspot moved this topic to drama, vittoriohp's key is probably deactivated now.