What kind of cars would you like to see more?

Service Vehicles (Buses, Work Trucks, Vans, Taxis, etc)
18 (18.4%)
5 (5.1%)
2 (2%)
2 (2%)
Pickup Trucks
2 (2%)
4 (4.1%)
2 (2%)
4 (4.1%)
6 (6.1%)
0 (0%)
3 (3.1%)
anything but a loving car please
50 (51%)

Total Members Voted: 98

Author Topic: Swifthyena's Vehicle Downloads  (Read 16882 times)

bumpidk if they're possible because ive looked into it and a lot of sources say that its likely impossible
however i have started working on static maps such as this:

How does the collision work with this?

I'd imagine between segments and collision for those segments, the datablocks for that map must take up the entirety of Blockland's amount of allowed datablocks

With only default stuff enabled (music included)

it took me around half an hour to load the server and collisions didnt work lol

How does the collision work with this?
Static maps use Detail32 for the visual object and Collision-1 for the collision objects. The only problem with this map is that there are so many wierdly structured things (Roads and buildings) that it'd take a whole lot of collision objects. About 2.7K of collision objects if I had to predict.

static maps ingeneral take up loads of datablocks

What's the point of this if you can't make proper collisions and need 30 mins to even load lol
A nice map for the wrong game I suppose...

I suggest this

  and this
the ford f150 is possible, i have ford racing 3, which has a decent model of it, but the interior is sorta like on the durango, not too high quality, so i might just use the dashboard from the gavril d series from beamng or something.

as for the impala, i might port one from a gta iv mod or gmod.

he's trying to exist unlike this edgy tf2 kid
oh noes the same insult 2 times in a row how will I ever recover

Is it possible to port APB cars?