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make a windows vista vm and record urself typing in notepad Gta San Andreas Free Download No Virus Real Mediafire Link with funger 11 paralyzer playing as it and the video playd slower and slower and then it fades to black then a generic blurry spooky jumpscare image from google images appears with a stock scream

have a photo of a dude in a bar. he then gets out, talks to a lady, then gets in his car, pulls out a gun, then shoots his head.
then the cops come. play creepy music, with distant coughing in the background along with the coughing being reversed, have the photo slowly zoom at the dead mans face.
then it goes black. also have a vhs filter on the top of all of it.
then at the end, there is a blank screen with text saying "...freeman, you are late. you have to wake up."
then it blurs and the video is over.

bar music:

creepy music:

feel old yet?
really just brings me back to years ago
He's gonna take you back to the past to play all the stuffty games that suck ass

op better be alive
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